Our Story Revealed Through Torn Brown Paper

About Us: Creating Clean and Comfortable Experiences

Rodriguez Laundry is a privately owned professional laundry service based in Nantucket, MA. Owned and led by the superstar husband and wife team Johnathan and Kasia Rodriguez, this premier laundry service aims to create clean and comfortable spaces through excellent customer service and linen care.

For years, owner Kasia had built a reputation for sparkling homes and meticulous businesses across Nantucket, MA. Her cleaning service, known for its meticulous approach and personalized touch, left smiles and fresh scents in its wake. Then, along with her husband, Johnathan, an opportunity knocked and they acquired a reputable laundry business on the island and rebranded this laundry business as Rodriguez Laundry.

Transitioning from homes to fabrics came naturally for Kasia and Johnathan. After all, their core values stayed the same: banishing dirt and grime, reviving tired spaces, and crafting exceptionally clean environments. They translate their cleaning expertise to meticulously laundered linens, sheets, and towels, ensuring an island standard of freshness and hygiene. With Kasia's keen eye and Johnathan's business acumen, Rodriguez Laundry promises to breathe new life into your linens, just like they've been breathing new life into Nantucket's homes and businesses for years.

Our Mission

Our mission at Rodriguez Laundry is to provide the island community with exceptional laundry services, combining the convenience of modern technology with the warmth of traditional, personalized care. We are dedicated to sustainability, using friendly and advance practices to preserve our beautiful island environment. Our goal is to make laundry a seamless, stress-free experience, giving our customers more time to enjoy the island life.